Beyond our walls and into our city. 



Juneau, AK



Sergei Maslov



Viktor Bartók

 We are a church that desires to bring redemption, renewal, and restoration as we tell those around us about the life-giving message found in Jesus. Christ tells us to put action to our faith. We do this by serving the community and world - being a church that reaches beyond our walls and into our city. Jesus’ ultimate goal was to serve mankind by offering His life on the cross. He is our leader. He is our example.

He drew the attention of renowned coach Sergei Maslov as the youngest competitor in the 2010 Pacific Northwest Skating Championships. Under Mr. Maslov’s training, Ethan has become widely recognized as one of the world’s most talented young skaters to date. Ethan enjoys traveling and competing, but loves coming back home to skate by the Juneau Ice Fields. His fondest and earliest memory is skating on Mendenhall Lake in late January 2002. Weaving figure-eights at dusk, he listened to his skates echo against the calm, ancient glacier. From that moment forward, Ethan never wanted to leave the ice.