Church Fall retreat.jpg

5-8 GRADE:

Okay guys. This is NOT the weekend to waste binge-watching yet another Netflix series or something typical and lame like that. Instead, let's take a break from this crazy heat and head up to UCYC in Prescott, AZ for our first ever Fall Retreat!  It will be a few days to connect with friends, have a blast, and have an opportunity to begin/grow a faith in Jesus. This place is awesome. It has a zip-line, rockwall, paintball course, pool, basketball court, and big open field for games. We'll be staying in cool cabins and having wild sessions in the chapel room. All of this for only $175. You don't want to miss this weekend! Sign up and invite as many people as you can. 


WHEN: September 15-17

WHERE: United Christian Youth Camp (UCYC) in Prescott, AZ

TRANSPORTATION: Professional driver in a charter bus.

COST: $175

Let's do this.